Airless Spraying

What is airless spraying?

Airless paint spray application as a technique is a far superior paint application method compared to old style traditional brush/roller applied methods.  When a paint coating is airless spray applied by trained professional applicators the finished results on the sprayed coating surface is of far superior quality standard.

The sprayed coating thickness is equal to several brush applied coats.  This is hugely beneficial when you are applying protective coatings to exterior surfaces.  The spray application finish is uniform and even with no brush marks visible on the finished surface, which is way more aesthetically pleasing on the eye compared to brush/roller applications.

Airless paint spray application is a quick and efficient process which in turn is less upheaval and inconvenience for our customers.

Give your home a new lease of life

Our specialised tradesmen will refresh your property to the highest possible standards, using up to date spraying technologies alongside traditional painting methods gets the jobs done to the highest standards efficiently, neatly and in the quickest of time, leaving all jobs with a high-quality aesthetic appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Protective coating airless techniques can be utilised for all types of surfaces (metallic, timber, cementitious type of concrete, brickwork, rendering, plastic and composites etc.)

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